2016 Boogie Tour in Review

Friday, December 9, 2016

The 2016 TonySuits Summer Tour was a great success!

Visiting 15 dropzones and three windtunnels in over 14 weeks, the TonyBus was driven all around the mid-west and east coast, traveling a total of 7,200 miles.

To review this journey, here are a few of our favorite, and not-so- favorite, questions:

What was your all-time favorite boogie?

It’s impossible to choose! Each dropzone brought their own unique vibe. You’ve got your small clubs with their rooftop cookouts, the old-school dropzones with their stories, the main-events that everyone is attending, and everything in between.

My advice is to do a little touring of your own and tell ME where to go!

What was one of the most interesting creations from the tour?

The palindrome, Y-NOT, which is ‘TONY’ in reverse, was birthed at the start of the tour.

“ Y-NOT!” was so frequent a phrase that it became it’s own hashtag.

Often, if you were hanging around the TonyBus and said “why not?” it will be

promptly followed by, “hashtag!” #YNOTony2016

Did you see any new trends?

One new, or old, trend is that sit-suits have been brought back to life at Skydive

Orange as the new novelty suit. There were hilarious sit suit formations, some

pretty cool sit suit XRW, and even a BASE jump (out of state). There was such a large turnout of sit-suits that it has prompted talk of an official Sit Suit Boogie in 2017.

One hilarious video is the ‘Save the Sit Suit’ directed by Pinecone and Chris Mort.

You can also like the ‘Save the SitFly Suit’ Facebook page:


Most unexpected gift?

gift (1)
The aforementioned, ball gag.

The ball-gag left on the door of the TonyBus.

Most unexpected sight?  

A live-zebra. No, not Beau in his zebra costume, a real zebra.

Lessons learned?

Don’t leave your rugs out overnight because they will be stolen. Apparently, $15 rugs are a valuable commodity in some places.

“You’re driving that big bus? Isn’t it hard for you?

This question became one of our biggest pet peeves. People automatically assumed that the two female vendor reps couldn’t possibly drive this 40-foot bus. “Isn’t that hard for you?” To which our favorite response should not be mentioned here.

And this concludes our 2016 Summer Boogie Tour review! Big thanks to all the kind skydivers that took us in, to all the accommodating dropzone staff members, and the amazing people that made this an adventure to remember.

But wait! The TonyBus isn’t going into hibernation, is it? Any plans for the


Glad you asked, anonymous person! The TonyBus is not going into hibernation but has headed to Florida for the winter. You’ll be able to spot the TonyBus between Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Skydive Deland, and Skydive Sebastian! Hope to see you

Hope to see you all soon. Blue skies!