CarolinaFest 2017: Southern Hospitality at its Finest

Friday, June 16, 2017

TonySuits had the opportunity and pleasure of being a vendor at CarolinaFest 2017, and this year was especially sweet. Everything about Skydive Carolina, from the facility to the party, from the perfect weather to the hard-working staff, makes CarolinaFest 2017 a five-star event! It deserves its title as the biggest east-coast event of the year.

We wanted to get the inside scoop, so we met with our locally-grown athletes:

Speaking of home, Andrew and Doug from SDC Rhythm XP got to fall with old friends as they did a reunion jump with previous teammates from Carolina Turbo XP (Joey Freeman, Nick Grillet, and Sandy Radsek on video)

Up first, TonySuits Team Athlete, Andrew Happick!


SDC Rhythm XP

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The Pit Special

  • RW jumps in small to medium groups (5 to 14 people)
  • Assisted with the 30 way from the Casa!
Why CarolinaFest 2017

Andrew and Doug (also SDC Rhythm XP) have been organizing at CarolinaFest 2017 since 2009. Skydive Carolina is basically a home drop zone for both Andrew and Doug; for them, it’s “always good to be back home”!

Andrew rates CarolinaFest as consistently one of the best boogies of the season year after year and wants to give a BIG shout out to the entire management team at Skydive Carolina, especially Shaggio and LJ!

Jump with Andrew again

Andrew will be organizing with the entire SDC Rhythm XP team at Summer Fest (Skydive Chicago July 29-August 6). Andrew and Doug will also be organizing at the Big O Boogie (Skydive Orange August 16 – 20) too!

Getting the #WANGLE from the wingsuit duo

Travis Mickle and Anthony Zerbonia
Travis Mickle and Anthony Zerbonia

Wicked Winsuits, Areodyne, & TonySuits

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You name the wingsuit, they’ve flown it!

Type of jumps @ CarolinaFest 2017

Like a skills-camp with lots of small groups

Why CarolinaFest

Travis used to work at Skydive Carolina when he was younger, so the dropzone feels like home.

Everyone is just so welcoming and the dropzone has a strong southern hospitality vibe. Although the facilities are out of this world, it’s the people that make it so great.

Shout out at Dani Smith, Shaggio, the office, the packers, and the TI’s!

Anthony has been attending CarolinaFest for the past two years as a fun jumper and this year Skydive Carolina ask him to attend as an organizer!

It such an awesome boogie that I literally jumped at the opportunity to come organize.

Shout out to the staff of Skydive Carolina, to the guys that ran the boogie and to JLo.

Jump with them again!


  • Freedom Fest at Skydive Chicago Fourth of July Weekend
  • WingSuit Weekends the second weekend of every month at Skydive Chicago
  • SummerFest at Skydive Chicago July 29 – August 6
  • Organizing and Flocking at Skys the Limit July 24th weekend
  • Wingsuit Camp at Skydive Big Sky (in Canada) August 19th weekend


  • First Flight Course at Spaceland Atlanta June 16-18
  • XRW Weekend at Spaceland Houston July 24-26
  • Various Wingsuit weekends at the Spaceland DZs throughout the summer

Both will be competing in the 2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying at Skydive Fyrosity November 1 – 9

Last but not least,

From the newest TonySuits Ambassador, Katie Scacchetti,
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The Tri-Bird

Type of Jumps

Flocking in both small and big groups

Why CarolinaFest 2017

Skydive Carolina is Katie’s home dropzone and she’s been attending for the last 4 years.

Katie completed her 400th jump at CarolinaFest this year (yay go Katie)!

I want to give a shout-out to all the organizers, especially Wes, Travis, and Anthony!

Read more about Katie > Fly Like A GIRL!

Article by Lucy Paul, TonySuits