Fly like a GIRL! Katie Scacchetti, on flying with the guys.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Katie Scacchetti has fast become one of our favorites, with her great attitude and go-get-em passion for wingsuiting. We love hearing the guys remark on how this tiny chick with these tiny wings can keep up with these giant guys in big suits. She inspires other ladies to not hold back, even when they’re the small-fish in a big pond. We love seeing her tearing it up in her wingsuit and giving these boys a run for their money. She’s a great example of people doing what they love!

Katie Scacchetti (Ska-chet-tea) aka “Ska-cutie”


# of total jumps: 410 as of June 2017

Favorite Discipline: Wingsuiting

# of WS jumps: 110-115 as of June 2017

Favorite Suit: Tri-Bird wingsuit

Where/when it all began: Skydive Carolina in 2014
Wes Sandler, because I enjoy flying with him and learning from him, even though he’s two feet taller than me.
Why wingsuiting?
I really wanted to learn to freefly, but then I did a couple [wingsuit] jumps and instantly got addicted! I started tagging along with Travis, Wes and Anthony, and started learning quicker and staying in the air longer. It’s so much fun! I don’t know, I just really enjoy that I get to jump with these crazy people.
Why the Tri-Bird?
I know it’s a good suit for acro, but I really love it because it allows me to keep up with bigger people in their bigger suits. I first got it because it’s the next step up, but it’s not too much more fabric to have to deal with. It’s easy to fly and you can make it go fast or slow.
This year I’m doing Performance at Nationals, next year Acro for Nationals
My Next Suit:
The Foghead 2 so I can do XRW!
Note to fellow ladies,
You can fly with the boys too! We can be just as good, if not better, so don’t ever think you can’t. Let’s get out there and rip it up!
 Article by Flora Uragallo, TonySuits