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Skydiving Gear from Tony Suits

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Your choice of skydiving gear will primarily come down to the type of flyer you are and the disciplines you choose. TonySuits offers a range of products including Wingsuits, RW Jumpsuits, and Tracking Suits.

Our wingsuits are designed to give you the closest feeling to real human flight. Our relative work (RW - also known as formation skydiving - FS - or flat) jumpsuits have been developed to help you fly faster and stronger. Tracking suits help you fly faster and farther while improving your performance

Learn more about each of our different suit types below and order your TonySuit online today!

  • Wingsuits


    TonySuits wingsuits allow skydivers and BASE jumpers to fly longer, further, and with more precision. Learn more about the World's Best Wingsuit.

  • Jumpsuits  |  Camera  |  Multi

    Jumpsuits | Camera | Multi

    Tony Suits is leading the market in innovative skydiving jumpsuit designs. Our jumpsuit, camera and multi suits include camera suits, shorts, jackets and pants.

  • Tracking Suit

    Tracking Suit

    As tracking has evolved, so too has our tracking suit range. Select yours from our collection, all designed to improve your performance in the sky.

  • Design a Custom Suit
  • Learn About Our History

It's been years since I've ordered a new suit, many years actually. As much as I've always loved Tony suits, this is the best one I've ever had. For starters it fit perfectly right out of the box. I didn't ask or need to change a stitch on it. As far as flying, on the first jump it already felt like an extension of my body, didn't have to "get used to it" at all. Love the Pit Special! And it's built so well I don't think I'll have to order another one for many more years!! Thanks Tony!

» Dan B.C. Brodsky-Chenfeld, six-time world champion skydiver, motivational speaker, and coach.