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The Premier Camera Jumpsuit in Skydiving

To a camera flyer, the suit is as important as the camera itself. Today's skydiving disciplines require more from videographers than ever before based on more advanced flying and changes in fall rate. The TonySuits lineup of camera suits and jackets offer today's flyers a range and flexibility from an entire suit to jackets with different size wings.

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  • Camera Suit

    Camera Suit

    The Camera Suit lineup has been designed to offer multiple wing variations to meet the various needs of different camera flyers capturing 4-way, 8-way, bigway or student photography. Each wing designed to help with varying fall rate issues.

  • Camera Jacket

    Camera Jacket

    Need to make quick wardrobe change for a camera jump? Choose our camera jacket in A, B and C wing sizes. These also pair perfectly with our pants!

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OH MY GOD !!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! I just got my jumpsuit! Can I say it's gorgeous and I look fantastic in it?

» Grace Katz