Multi Shorts

Ideal for Canopy Pilots

TonySuits provides canopy pilots with a pair of shorts that stand up to the rigors of training and competition. With the hard landings of distance and accuracy along with the moisture (or even submersion) of pond swooping, the TonySuits multi-shorts are ideal for today's competition swooper.

The multi shorts are reinforced with Cordura for extra durability and offers multiple pockets to allow easy storage of cell phones as well as pilot chutes. Our multi-shorts have been through several ideations based on feedback received from some of the best canopy pilots in the world.

If you're seeing shorts that will stand up to the aggressive nature of training and competition, the TonySuit Multi-Shorts are the best solution in the skydiving industry today.

Xstream Swoop Shorts

Xstream Swoop Shorts


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The Foghead 2 is the most fun I've ever had in a wingsuit. This suit should be everywhere! It's a perfect balance in power and maneuverability. It just sticks to the sky. Super low lag in input reaction. This suit just wants to fly. Not for beginners, but for acrobatic pilots that want more power, this should be their go-to suit!

» David Lutzy, Canadian Acrobatic champion 2015, 2016