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TonySuit wingsuits allow skydivers and BASE jumpers to realize the dream of human flight whether gliding among the clouds or swooping along mountainsides.

Tony Suits offer the best flying performance available, allowing pilots to stay in the air for minutes, fly for miles and fly precise terrain lines. Tony Suit pilots have routinely won skydiving and BASE competitions in recent years and hold the record for the World's Longest BASE Jump and World's Longest Skydive. A TonySuit was also the first wingsuit to be LANDED!

Our wingsuit range includes beginner, intermediate and advanced suits. Find out more below.

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Wingsuits Categories

  • Small Wing

    Small Wing

    Our small wing lineup of wingsuits have been designed to give you stability and enable you to learn, practice and hone your skills as a wingsuit pilot. Designed for those with less than 25 total wingsuit jumps.

    This collection includes: I-Bird, T-Bird 2 and Tri-Bird models.

  • Medium Wing

    Medium Wing

    Our advanced models give even greater control, rigidity and wingspan to extend your flight, increase your speed and give you more control than any other wingsuit.

    This collection includes the R-Bird 2 model.

  • Large Wing

    Large Wing

    Designed for the experienced pilot who is current and holds a minimum of 50+ wingsuit jumps having progressed up through the smaller wings.

    This collection includes the R-Bird Pro, S-Bird and Scorpion models.

  • Extra Large Wing

    Extra Large Wing

    The expert level of wingsuits by Tony Suits is the most advanced designs in the industry today generating the highest level of performance in the sport today.

    This collection includes: Jedei 3TT and Rebel Freebird.

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The years of R & D (and dedication) is so evident when one gets to use their suits/equipment.

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