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TonySuit wingsuits allow skydivers and BASE jumpers to realize the dream of human flight whether gliding among the clouds or swooping along mountainsides.

Tony Suits offer the best flying performance available, allowing pilots to stay in the air for minutes, fly for miles and fly precise terrain lines. Tony Suit pilots have routinely won skydiving and BASE competitions in recent years and hold the record for the World's Longest BASE Jump and World's Longest Skydive. A TonySuit was also the first wingsuit to be LANDED!

Our wingsuit range includes beginner, intermediate and advanced suits. Find out more below.

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Wingsuits Categories

  • Beginner's start here!

    Beginner's start here!

    Our small wing lineup of wingsuits have been designed to give you stability and enable you to learn, practice and hone your skills as a wingsuit pilot. Great for first-flight courses.

    This collection includes: I-Bird and T-Bird 2 models.

  • Off-beginner status wingsuits

    Off-beginner status wingsuits

    When you're ready to purchase your own, choose a wingsuit below based on the types of flying you would like to experience.

    This collection includes the Tri-Bird and R-Bird 2 models.

  • Specific disciplines wingsuits

    Specific disciplines wingsuits

    When you need to get specific in a discipline, choose from one of the wingsuits below.

    This collection includes the Foghead 2, R-Bird Pro2, S-Bird, and Scorpion models.

  • Highest Performance Wingsuits

    Highest Performance Wingsuits

    Whether you're looking for the highest performance wingsuits to win competitions, perform stunts, or leveling-up your BASE exits, the following wingsuits were designed to take you where you need to go - with full power!

    This collection currently includes: Jedei 3TT and Rebel Freebird models.

    Coming soon: The Nala!

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  • Learn About Our History

I have used this amazing suit for the last 26 years, and can't imagine ever using anything else. The mega XL booties are just one of the many superior features of this suit.

» Mark Kirkby, Founding Member of Arizona Airspeed