Beginner to Intermediate Wingsuits

Beginner to Intermediate

Beginner & Intermediate Wingsuits

Our small wing lineup of wingsuits have been designed to gradually introduce you to wingsuit flight. This lineup progresses the pilot from First Jump Course (I-Bird), into the more powerful wingsuits, the T-Bird 2 and Tr-Bird, and then last but not least, the powerful R-Bird 2 model - our most popular wingsuit.

Our beinner and intermediate wingsuits are powerful but easy to fly, making them a great first wingsuit to hone your piloting skills.

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Beginner to Intermediate Wingsuits Products

  • T-bird 2

    T-bird 2

    Beginner: Precision | Maneuverability

  • Tri-Bird


    Beginner: Acro | Back-fly | Transitions | Carving

  • R-bird 2

    R-bird 2

    Intermediate: General | Flocking | Performance

    *Most Popular Wingsuit*

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These days Airspeed averages 800+ jumps and 100+ hours of tunnel time per season, between coaching, training and competing. And trust us, "fixing my jumpsuit" is rarely on our to-do list. My personal favorite feature on the Pit Special is the Mega Booties design. You cannot get more leg power than that!

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