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We've been making jumpsuits for skydivers just like you since 1976. We pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service and this has helped us become the world's favorite jumpsuit manufacturer.

Measurement Guide

The key to a great fit is an accurate measurement. Please take some time to read our downloadable measurement guide, or check out our Video Measuring Guides. The number one cause for returns is incorrect measurements.


Need help ordering your suit? TonySuits is proud to have a network of dealers all over the world. Visit our Dealers Page to find a TonySuits dealer closest to you.

Maintenance & Care Instructions

1. Zippers: it is very important for the longevity of the life of the zipper to put both sides of the suit material together before zipping up. Also, be sure to unzip all the way before moving around in the suit. Failure to do this can put harmful tension on the zipper teeth and slider. Also be sure to avoid kinking the zipper, such as when partially unzipping the suit and wrapping the arms of the suit around your waist.

2. Leather booties: do not walk on them! On jumpsuits, the inseam zippers, or Mega XL zippers are great options to easily remove the booties for landing. On wingsuits, there are snaps available to snap the booties to keep them from dragging.

3. Bootie toes and grip-tape: be aware to avoid dragging the toe of the bootie, especially when exiting the plane if there is grip-tape along the bottom of the door.


1. Do not soak. Colors may run if left sitting wet.

2. Close all zippers and velcro before washing.

3. Machine wash* in COLD water with a non-bleach or phosphorus powder (ie. Cheer).

4. Make sure to spin/wring the water out as much as possible.

5. Tumble dry on COOL setting.

*An extra step to prevent colors from running, are SHOUT Color Catchers. We recommend this step if your suit has colors that are both bright and dark. Use Color Catchers for every wash, or the first 3-5 washes. Please continueto follow our washing instructions even when following the instructions of the Color Catchers.

Scotchguard is also an option to prevent dirt, etc. from getting into the fibers and staining your suit. This should be applied and dried before you jump the suit. You may need to reapply after a few washes. Scotchguard Instructions.

Repairs and Alterations

If you are wanting to send your jumpsuit/wingsuit in for a repair or alteration, these are the steps you need to take BEFORE sending it in:

  1. Photos. Please take photos of the front, side, back, standing, sitting, wearing your rig -tightened down, and close ups of the areas that are tight/short/loose/long.
  2. Measurements. We will need you to re-measure the areas that aren't fitting. For assistance with measuring, check out our TonySuits Measuring Videos.
  3. Details. It is always a big help if you tell us how many inches you think it needs to fit, and in which areas. We'll take a look once the suit arrives here and compare it to the measurements, pictures, and pattern. You can tell us something like, "too tight under the arms, please increase by 2 inches". Or, "grow 2 inches in the chest, 3 inches in the waist, 2 inches in the hips, 1 inch to the thigh at the knee, and zero at the calf." We'll figure out what it exactly needs to grow, but your input will help!
  4. Email the photos, measurements, and details to:
  5. Print that information and put it into the box with your suit.
  6. Ship it to us as at: TonySuits, 40343 Air Time Ave. Zephyrhills, FL 33540, 813-788-4753.

Contact Us

If you have questions, we'd be more than happy to speak with you! Contact us at (813) 788-4753 or e-mail us.

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