The Tony Original

Our Slowest FS Suit in Skydiving

The jumpsuit that changed it all! In 1977, it was all about big-ways from DC-3's which meant lots of fall rate issues. More material meant, slower fall rates and the Tony Original fit the bill. The Tony Original lives on today and is known as the slowest FS suit in skydiving today.

Back in the day, the style was to wear large, oversized jumpsuits.

Now it is known that the amount of fabric needed is dependent upon the desired fall-rate. Retaining some of its past history, the Tony Suit has gone through some refinements, but it is still the slowest falling RW suit. For comfort, this suit has an elastic waistband that also gives a fitted silhouette.

Fabric Selection

Standard fabric choices for this suit are supplex and 4-ply. You may select any or all of the following extras to slow your suit down:

  • Lining the arms and legs with heavy cotton and/or a zero porosity material.
  • Cordura is the most popular fabric to get for the booties because this also includes the knees, which is important area to protect from wear over time. Ballistic is a stiffer, heavier material and is reported to be more responsive in the air.
  • Vented booties for inflation and super drag.

Swoop Cords

Named after swooping (during freefall, not under canopy). This is the action of a skydiver swooping (or diving) down and braking at the appropriate altitude. This is created more effectively with "swoop cords", which loop over the hand and runs along the inner seam of the suit to the waist. The swoop cords are tightened with full arm extension (upon braking), creating an instant wing only when you need it. To avoid this wing being engaged when reaching for a grip, we offer the "continuous swoop cord" which is one continuous line that reaches down one side, across the back at the hip, and up to the other side.

Double layer Drag Reinforcing

Gone are the days of the extra-super wide sleeves, instead we choose to layer the sleeves based on the drag that is needed. We offer three types of double layer drag reinforcing to help slow your fall rate.

  1. Double layer of 10 oz. brushed cotton, only on the legs
  2. Double layer of 10 oz. brushed cotton, on both the arms and legs
  3. Double layer of 10 oz. brushed cotton, lined on both the arms and legs with a 1.5 oz. zero-porous (ZP) material sandwiched between the lining


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These days Airspeed averages 800+ jumps and 100+ hours of tunnel time per season, between coaching, training and competing. And trust us, "fixing my jumpsuit" is rarely on our to-do list. My personal favorite feature on the Pit Special is the Mega Booties design. You cannot get more leg power than that!

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