Looking for a Set of wingsuits for training or rentals at your dropzone?

Tonysuits has you covered!

TonySuits is committed to helping grow the wingsuit community in skydiving.  To these ends, sets of 3 wingsuit and sets of 4 wingsuits are offered at a discounted price.  The 3 wingsuit set includes a small, medium and large wingsuit while the 4 wingsuit set also includes the same sizes plus an extra large.  Need more suits, just ask!  Please note that the wingsuit sets are sold as a single model of your choice.  They are not available for mix and match of our different wingsuit models.

Maximizing the value a Tonysuits wingsuit set provides, we thought of the options you need and have them included with our set packages:

Choose a solid color or have a second color to your design for no additional charge.

Back-Fly Inlets, Arms & Legs

Expansion Zips – on body and bootie maximizing the size range your suits can accommodate

Belly Pocket, for Phone or Lens cap

Large 3 Toggle Leg Pull 

Base Soles

Wingsuit carry/storage shoulder strap bag


Additional options of your choice can be included for an additional charge.  As an example, ask about embroidering your dropzone logo or your wingsuit school’s logo.  Shipping is not included in the wingsuit set price

Contact us for pricing and lead times