Washing Instructions

  1. Close all zippers and Velcro before washing
  2. Machine wash in COLD water with a non-bleach or phosphorus powder (ie. Cheer). DO NOT SOAK, or colors may run.
  3. Spin or wring suit to remove excess water

Use Color Catchers by SHOUT. If the colors on your suit are both bright and dark, put a Color Catchers sheet in every wash, or the first 3-5 washes.

Drying Instructions

  1. Tumble dry on Medium setting, and/or hang to dry in a cool, non-humid environment.
  2. To prevent mildew, do not store inside of a bag or tight space  until it is completely dry (may take 3-20 days depending on the environment).
  3. For extra humidity removal, hang near a “Damp Rid” or a similar product.

When sweat dries, it crystallizes and causes abrasion to the fibers of the suit. To avoid this, in clean water rinse the torso only, not the grippers or foam.

Heat Transfers

DO NOT dry-clean or soak the suit. This WILL remove the glue on the heat transfer causing it to peel off.