Designed for maximum flexibility, Tonysuits Bootie Pants are the perfect option for skydivers that don’t need or want a full jumpsuit BUT require to extra power that booties can provide.  Awesome for use on big-way jumps, smaller belly jumps, AFF, Tandem, Tracking dives and even camera jumps.

Bootie pants give you the option of choosing the top you want, like a T-shirt, sweatshirt or a jacket while still having the extra power booties offer.  Especially nice on hot days or when a full jumpsuit is just not needed.    With the integrated Camera jacket snaps, you can pair these pants with one of the Tonysuits Camera jackets creating versatile camera suit options.

Options to make your Bootie Pants exactly what you need include:

  • Choice of the Tonysuit Bootie of your choice


  • Grips
  • Cordura Butt panel
  • Cordura Knee panel
  • Digital Altimeter pocket
  • Cargo Pocket
  • Inside Ticket pocket
  • RDS Pocket

Focusing on both comfort and durability and built with the same high-quality construction and materials we put into all our jumpsuits, you know that your custom pair of TonySuits Bootie Pants are going to last! 

We suggest you print the Measurement Guide PDF so you can write down the measurements, and we recommend wearing the clothes you're likely to jump in while taking measurements.


TonySuits will accept returns for stock suits and store items with a restocking fee of $100 per box. Shipping cost back to TonySuits will be the customer's responsibility.


TonySuits has a 90 day fit warranty. This includes only items that are inconsistent with the original order as placed by the customer/dealer. Shipping will be included both ways for approved full warranties. Note: 90 days begins on the shipped date.

  • Returns for alterations will begin at $60 and require an email approving return shipment. The email must include the suit serial number (located inside the inner pocket), photos (with rig on!) from all angles and a complete written description of the areas to address. Please print and include inside the shipment.

For suits with fit issues, we will review and work with the customer/dealer on a case by case basis.


  • The suit is built to the measurements provided. In that case, replacement will be priced on a case by case basis.
  • Unauthorized repairs (those not approved by TonySuits in advance) are done on the suit.
  • Notification is received at TonySuits after 90 days from the ship date. These requests will be reviewed and resolved on a case by case basis.
  • You choose NOT to follow the TonySuits maintenance and care instructions included with the original shipment.

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