Return Policy

Return Policy

Return Policy on stock suits and store items

TonySuits will accept returns for stock suits and store items sold for a full refund. Shipping cost back to TonySuits will be the customer's responsibility.

Custom Suit Warranty/Return Policy

TonySuits has a 90 day warranty for manufacturing defects. We will honor replacement including shipping both ways. Note: 90 days begins on the shipped date

  • Returns will require an authorization number, photos (with rig on!) from all angles and a complete written description of the areas to address folded in the suit pocket.

For suits with fit issues, we will review and work with the customer/dealer on a case by case basis.

Warranty is voided when:

  • The suit is built to the measurements provided. In that case, replacement will be priced on a case by case basis.
  • Unauthorized repairs (those not approved by TonySuits in advance) are done on the suit.
  • Notification is received at TonySuits after 90 days from the ship date. These requests will be reviewed and resolved on a case by case basis.
  • You choose NOT to follow the TonySuits maintenance and care instructions (click here for Maintenance and Care Instructions)
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The suits are super durable lasting thru hundreds of skydives, tons of tunnel sessions, and many world class competitions.

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