Chuck Priest, Owner & Creative Designer

With more than 25 years of experience in the sport of Skydiving, Chuck Priest has contributed enormously to the industry with his designs and innovations.

Chuck signed up for his AFF course the same day of his first  tandem in 1996 at Skydive Hawaii. “Something inside of me changed immediately… Freedom.”  

Chuck made canvas freefly pants for himself sometime that first year, and had 4 orders that first weekend using them. Shortly after, opened his company called Da’ Kine Rags Hawaii.  Specifically producing ‘freefly’ jump pants and then suits to follow.  Da’ Kine Rag’s became the most recognized jump suit and pant in the industry using bright Aloha fabrics… from Hawaii.  Da’ Kine Rags was the first to introduce the carnival-bling in skydive suits. Chuck always did something extra to each order. An extra touch or accent, created a fantastic sense of mystery in which each owner shares.  A bond of sorts. The Rags Family.

In 1998 Chuck worked closely with the wingsuit inventor Patrick de Gayardon, in the test jumping with his first generation’ Sector’ wingsuit.  Chuck’s first wingsuit flights were in Patrick’s ‘Sector Suit’. “This was 1998 in Hawaii, we were experimenting.  Exiting, deployment body positioning, wing size, pitot chute sizes and bridal lengths.”  Chuck quickly built a prototype, then a second suit, featuring the first’ thick wing’ and ‘rigid cell walls’ 1999.  

Between 1998 and 2005, Da’ Kine Rags produced thousands of freefly pants and suits, seen in the X-Games,  Extreme California I-Max. Chuck designed and produced suits for Warner Brothers,  Discovery,  Sports Illustrated, Hollywood videographer Tom Sanders, Joe Jennings and numerous competitive teams and base jumpers. Sponsored world champions, including Oliver Furrer, Marcus Heggli, Vivian Wegrath, Knut Krecker, Eric Fradet.   

Chuck also has designed for rock bands, while turning out numerous runway dresses and haute couture bridal gowns for private clients in the mid to late 1980’s.

Chuck has always said he designs for ‘Adrenaline Theatre’.  He has consistently injected a fresh perspective through style and innovation, gaining international recognition for his theatrical yet sensible skydive apparel. 

Chuck has recently co-developed the BRS, a new safety feature.

Tony Suits is delighted to be working with Chuck Priest as the Creative Director for Da’ Kine Rags signature series line.

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Consultation with the Designer

Chuck Priest is the Creative Director for the Da’Kine Rags Signature Series line for Tony Suits.

Every design I make is unique and I love talking with people about what they want and then coming up with a creative, customized design, for each customer." - Chuck

Place your online design and you will be contacted by Chuck to create your own pair of Da'Kine Rags Signature Series!

Are you ready for your own custom Da'Kine Signature suit?!

Follow these steps to get your order started:

  1. Select the blue button above to design your suit model
  2. Under 'Signature Series' select 'Da'Kine Rags Design'
  3. Enter your measurements (see the next tab for guides and illustrations)
  4. Select Order, add to cart, and then complete payment

Once your order is submitted, you will receive an email to schedule a time for a phone consultation with the Owner and Creative Director of Da'Kine Rags, Chuck Priest.

"I really love what I do! Every design I make is unique and I love talking with people about what they want and then coming up with a creative, customized design, for each customer." - Chuck

LEAD TIMES: The order will be scheduled once your custom design has been finalized. Please note that the lead times may change during this period.

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Print the PDF Measurement Guide below and -before measuring, wear the clothes, bra, and shoes that you're likely to jump in.

PDF: Pants & Shorts Measuring

PDF: Jacket Top Measuring

PDF: Camera Jacket Measuring

PDF: Jumpsuit Measuring

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TonySuits will accept returns for stock suits and store items with a restocking fee of $100 per box. Shipping cost back to TonySuits will be the customer's responsibility.


TonySuits has a 90 day fit warranty. This includes only items that are inconsistent with the original order as placed by the customer/dealer. Shipping will be included both ways for approved full warranties. Note: 90 days begins on the shipped date.

  • Returns for alterations will begin at $60 and require an email approving return shipment. The email must include the suit serial number (located inside the inner pocket), photos (with rig on!) from all angles and a complete written description of the areas to address. Please print and include inside the shipment.

For suits with fit issues, we will review and work with the customer/dealer on a case by case basis.


  • The suit is built to the measurements provided. In that case, replacement will be priced on a case by case basis.
  • Unauthorized repairs (those not approved by TonySuits in advance) are done on the suit.
  • Notification is received at TonySuits after 90 days from the ship date. These requests will be reviewed and resolved on a case by case basis.
  • You choose NOT to follow the TonySuits maintenance and care instructions included with the original shipment.

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