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Racing-style Notch Gripper

Low-drag, easy reach, secure grip.

Fully Air-locked Inlets

All our inlets are fully airlocked, regardless of type.

Low-drag leg wing design

Smooth airflow over your entire back.


The Foghead3 is placed between the R3 and the Høg in our progression line-up. This suit is fast enough on it's front to hang, and play with the biggest class of dynamic flying suits on the market (Strix '20, Rafale '20, ATC2 and Freak3). It transitions smoothly, and stays completely inflated and stable and any angle, partly thanks to the design of it's overall air intake. 

The intake system is for now exclusive to the Foghead3 in our line-up. We do love it and will be prototyping it for all upcoming models in the near future.

Unheard-of backflying capabilities.

Where the Foghead3 shines the most is on its back. In development we realised that certain design features could enhance back flying capabilities. 

We took advantage of this new knowledge and gave the suit all the back flying power. This being both speed and lift all the while still making it even more effortless to sustain long flights when doing multiple jumps in a day. It's already proven in XRW on it's back where it's high amount of lift and low stall speed makes it ideal. In short, back flying this suit all day long is no problem at all.

Great for carving and orbiting big suit formations.

These days, the before mentioned bigger classes of freestyle wingsuits have become the go-to classes for advanced pilots, back vs. front capability differences are thereby also becoming more obvious.

Where most suits have difficulty in orbiting or simply backflying with formations of similar class suits, this suit will be there. Often a bigger class suit will feel more comfortable orbiting smaller class suits.

Where the Foghead3 is different, due to it's back flying power, it will not sink out, stall or have difficulty catching a fast formation on it's back. It accelerates quickly and easily gains the momentum needed to pass the formation.


The Foghead3 is designed with B.A.S.E jumping in mind. Pull is easy. It is not low swept. It is designed with looser fitting, and partially flexible vinyl leading edges making riser/toggle reach easy. It has fast and short starts. It's dives are completely solid and stable and it's flare is very strong, smooth and easy.

As your skydiving go-to fun suit, you will build up your skill set here, and later be more proficient and thereby safer in a mountain environment.

We highly recommend this suit to intermediate pilots who want their first bigger class wingsuit, and to advanced pilots who wants a fun and agile wingsuit to play in at all angles.

We suggest you print the Measurement Guide PDF so you can write down the measurements, and we recommend wearing the clothes you're likely to jump in while taking measurements.

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