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The Colibri is designed to be the perfect all-around suit for both beginner and intermediate pilots! The suit design requires less strength to fly making it versatile, fun, and easy to fly, while offering a surprisingly large performance envelope.

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The PIPER is designed to be great in the wingsuit tunnel and competitive acrobatic flying. It is very well balanced, making it an easy suit to learn back flying in, with low inputs required in transitions. It's balanced to give you the maximum available range for a suit of this class and surface.

The R3 succeeds the R-bird2 which has been Tonysuits most popular wingsuit for the past 5 years. The R-bird series is designed to be a swiss army knife of wingsuits. It is unmatched in its ability to be the weapon of choice in both skydiving and entry level wingsuit BASE. It’s simply great for everything a pilot would need.

  • It can stick to any formation.

  • It’s very easy to backfly, flies at any angle and its agility makes it great for acro.

  • Instructors use it for both first flight course and advanced coaching. It flies with small suits and has the range to keep up with fast-flying larger surface suits.

  • It has a very low stall speed making it great for XRW.

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