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Pressurized Integrated Gripper System (P.I.G.S.)

The worlds first pressurized internal gripper system. P.I.G.S. promotes speed, lift, stability and handling.

Fully Air-locked Inlets

All our inlets are fully airlocked, regardless of type.

Low-drag leg wing design

Smooth airflow over your entire back.


Speed, range and freestyle, the fastest freestyle wingsuit.

It’s so science it’s almost fiction.

The hog fits right in the biggest class of freestyle wingsuits out there. It will easily keep up with the best of them in any angle you choose.

We put every single piece of tech and knowledge we have into making this suit absolutely great - and we are still amazed by it. It turned out even better than that. We think this suit is perfect.

Power for days, responsive, easy and smooth.

We've promise a lot here, and we do so because we are sure you'll try one and fall in love too.

We recommend the Høg as the all-round, go-to wingsuit for any experienced wingsuit pilot.

February 26th, 2020 Update to the Hog
  • The body zipper has moved around the knees for more comfort
  • Bootie is slightly changed for efficiency
  • P.I.G.S. are slightly modified for added stability in steep dives

We suggest you print the Measurement Guide PDF so you can write down the measurements, and we recommend wearing the clothes you're likely to jump in while taking measurements.

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TonySuits will accept returns for stock suits and store items with a restocking fee of $100 per box. Shipping cost back to TonySuits will be the customer's responsibility.


All TonySuits products are sold as-is with no warranty. All alterations are at the cost of the customer or dealer.

Returns for alterations will begin at $60 and require an email approving return shipment. The email must include the suit serial number (located inside the inner pocket), photos (with rig on!) from all angles and a complete written description of the areas to address.


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