Fast Back

Boost your performance with streamlined airflow over the back of the suit and cleaner pilot chute access.

Variable Pressurization

Fine-tune your suit performance with zippers installed in the arm and leg wings, perfect for adjusting the pressurization to match a flock or follow students.

Leg Zipper Leash

Easily unzip your leg wings with a zipper extension, a useful option if you have difficulty reaching down to your foot to unzip while under canopy.


The Pro 2 edition of the R-Bird 2 differs in that the arm wing reaches all the way to the feet, providing more wingspan for the pilot to trim to float, stretch for glide, or fly steep for speed. The arm sweep and profiles have been selected for front and back flying, and also at steep angles, giving the suit an overall amazing performance.

We suggest you print the Measurement Guide PDF so you can write down the measurements, and we recommend wearing the clothes you're likely to jump in while taking measurements.
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R-Bird Pro 2

R Bird Pro 2

$1,500.00 $1,200.00

R-Bird Pro 2

R-Bird Pro

$1,645.00 $1,300.00

R-Bird Pro 2

R. Bird Pro

$1,845.00 $1,500.00