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"Tony Suits, with our 40+ year commitment to the sport of skydiving, continues to lead the industry with the highest quality skydiving jumpsuits and apparel available. Constantly working to both improve and innovate our products, we are inspired by the skydiving community itself through the feedback and requests we receive every day.
With the diverse requests we are asked to provide, every item is “Custom Made to Order” in our development and manufacturing facility located in Zephyrhills, FL USA. Using computer design and automated cutting equipment coupled with our production team that has over 100+ years combined sewing experience making Skydiving specific products, we have the expertise to not only meet but to also exceed your needs.
Whether you require a new FS jumpsuit, Camera suit, Freefly suit, Wingsuit, Tunnel suit, Student suits or something else you can imagine for your skydiving needs, Tony Suits is here and committed to provide you what you need to make you a better skydiver!"

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