Space Suit

A Freefly Suit for a Medium to ‘Floaty’ Fall Rate

Space Suit

The Space Suit is a fast-falling Freefly suit that was created and named for the Space Games.

Since its origins, this suit has been a very popular light-weight suit, used by Gold Medalist Freefly teams such as Team Alchemy from Skydive Chicago, and Team Airtime from Skydive City.

This suit is also a popular Wind Tunnel suit. This suit has the choice of either supplex or 4-ply to line the arms and legs. Other options that make tunnel flying easier include making the suit out of a zero porosity (ZP) material and speed zipper.


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These days Airspeed averages 800+ jumps and 100+ hours of tunnel time per season, between coaching, training and competing. And trust us, "fixing my jumpsuit" is rarely on our to-do list. My personal favorite feature on the Pit Special is the Mega Booties design. You cannot get more leg power than that!

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