Space Suit

A Freefly Suit for a Medium to ‘Floaty’ Fall Rate

Space Suit

The Space Suit is a fast-falling Freefly suit that was created and named for the Space Games.

Since its origins, this suit has been a very popular light-weight suit, used by Gold Medalist Freefly teams such as Team Alchemy from Skydive Chicago, and Team Airtime from Skydive City.

This suit is also a popular Wind Tunnel suit. This suit has the choice of either supplex or 4-ply to line the arms and legs. Other options that make tunnel flying easier include making the suit out of a zero porosity (ZP) material and speed zipper.


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It's been years since I've ordered a new suit, many years actually. As much as I've always loved Tony suits, this is the best one I've ever had. For starters it fit perfectly right out of the box. I didn't ask or need to change a stitch on it. As far as flying, on the first jump it already felt like an extension of my body, didn't have to "get used to it" at all. Love the Pit Special! And it's built so well I don't think I'll have to order another one for many more years!! Thanks Tony!

» Dan B.C. Brodsky-Chenfeld, six-time world champion skydiver, motivational speaker, and coach.