Measurement Guide

Measurement Guide

Measure twice and cut once.

Before taking measurements for your TonySuit, please watch our video above and read through our measuring guide. The number one cause for delayed orders or returned orders is incorrect measurements.

How to Measure Videos: please select the suit from the below options

Pit Special Xstream Suit
Swoop Suit Space Suit
Tony Suit Galaxy Suit
Camera Suit / Jacket Pants / Shorts
All Q Measurements Multi Top
Wingsuits Tracking Suit

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These days Airspeed averages 800+ jumps and 100+ hours of tunnel time per season, between coaching, training and competing. And trust us, "fixing my jumpsuit" is rarely on our to-do list. My personal favorite feature on the Pit Special is the Mega Booties design. You cannot get more leg power than that!

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