The Space Suit is a medium fall-rate Freefly and Tunnel suit, created and named after the Space Games.

Standard Options
  • Suit material: most commonly 4-Ply. Substitute with Supplex at no cost. More information on Fabrics & Materials.
  • Magnetic zipper lock to hold the zipper-slider in place
  • Spandex cuffs.
  • Large Pocket, inside chest. Reaches from center zipper to side seam, can easily fit a cellphone.
  • Standard Flex collar.

Tip for a Tunnel Suit: ask for Reinforced Seams. This covers the main seams with a layer of binding tape. Tunnel causes more wear and tear on a suit than skydiving. Select this option if this suit will be in the tunnel a majority of the time.

We suggest you print the Measurement Guide PDF so you can write down the measurements, and we recommend wearing the clothes you're likely to jump in while taking measurements.


TonySuits will accept returns for stock suits and store items with a restocking fee of $100 per box. Shipping cost back to TonySuits will be the customer's responsibility.


  1. The 90-day fit warranty begins on the day the suit is shipped from the manufacturer to the customer.
  2. The warranty is only granted if, when the suit is compared to the measurements provided to us, it is determined that the suit measurements do not match the measurements provided to us.
  3. If it is determined that the suit does match the measurements provided to us, and the fit issue is due to incorrect measuring, then the repair costs are not covered under warranty.
Warranty is voided when:
  • 90-days has passed from the time the suit was shipped to the customer;
  • Any repairs made to the suit that are not authorized by Tony Suits in advance. 
  • The suit's maintenance and care instructions are not adhered to. A copy of these instructions are always included with the original shipment.


  1. Email
  2. Include photographs of the areas that are ill-fitting and be sure the photo background is a different color than the suit.
  3. Include written details and new measurements of the areas that aren't fitting.
  4. Receive the return number from the office and write it on the outside of the box.

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