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Tony Suits is leading the market in innovative skydiving jumpsuit designs. We've been designing and manufacturing jumpsuits for skydivers since 1976. Find your next jumpsuit and order online today.

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  • Belly Flying

    Belly Flying

    Before becoming famous for its wingsuits, the jumpsuit lineup of FS / RW suits have been and continue to be worn by the world's best formation skydivers. From the famous Pit to the Swoop, TonySuits has been on every national and international podium for over 20 years.

  • Freeflying


    During the earliest days of free flying, Tony Uragallo was there. He listened to the needs of free flyers and produced the most popular free fly jumpsuits for over 20 years. That trend continues today as the discipline continues to evolve from free fly tunnel suits to the demands of MFS and VFS.

  • Camera Flying

    Camera Flying

    The brilliance of skydiving can't be displayed unless camera flyers are able to capture the magic in-frame. TonySuits makes camera suits and jackets to allow videographers a full range of motion to adjust to different fall rates at a moment's notice.

  • Jackets, Pants, and Shorts

    Jackets, Pants, and Shorts

    For the skydiver that has quick wardrobe changes to meet the needs of different disciplines, fall-rates, or jobs. The Multi Suit pairs different styles of jackets to any of our pants or shorts.

  • Other / Utility

    Other / Utility

    Our 'Other Category' of jumpsuits focuses on the day to day needs of both skydiving professionals and dropzones. When durability and performance are needed for tandem instructors and student jumpsuits, TonySuits provides the solution.

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I have used this amazing suit for the last 26 years, and can't imagine ever using anything else. The mega XL booties are just one of the many superior features of this suit.

» Mark Kirkby, Founding Member of Arizona Airspeed