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Tony Suits is leading the market in innovative skydiving jumpsuit designs. We've been designing and manufacturing jumpsuits for skydivers since 1976. Find your next jumpsuit and order online today.

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  • Belly Flying

    Belly Flying

    Three models based on speed:

    Pit Special (FAST)

    Swoop Suit (MED)

    Tony Original (SLOW)

    Plus, Slip-on Sleeves!

  • Freeflying


    Three models based on speed:

    Xstream (FAST)

    Space (MED)

    Galaxy (SLOW)

    Plus, The Sit Suit!

  • Camera Flying

    Camera Flying

    Four wing sizes based on desired performance:



    4-way competition

  • Jackets, Pants, and Shorts

    Jackets, Pants, and Shorts

    Jackets, Pants, and Shorts for all disciplines

  • Other / Utility

    Other / Utility

    Tandem Master jumpsuits

  • Design a Custom Suit
  • Learn About Our History

OH MY GOD !!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! I just got my jumpsuit! Can I say it's gorgeous and I look fantastic in it?

» Grace Katz